Ministry Staff

Tim Haughton
    Rector (Senior Pastor)

James Beck
    Lay Pastoral Associate

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson
    Associate Pastor

Lyn Youll Marshall
    Honorary Associate

Tiffany Robinson
    Children's Ministry

Morgan Tyler Chu
    Youth Ministry

  • Timothy Haughton: Rector (Senior Pastor)

    Tim Haughton - webWhen you ask Tim why he became a minister, his short answer is "What a privilege to get front row seats to watching God at work"!

    Tim and his wife Laurie began their time with us at Little Trinity in March of 2013. They are parents to two boys Joshua and Kaleb who teach them richly of God's love for us. Tim loves working with his hands, and so when he's not carrying out his responsibilities as pastor you'll find him in his garage working on a motorcycle or keeping up the repairs on their home. He is an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers, and pursues snowboarding in the winter, and golf and fishing in the summer.

    Timothy graduated in 2001 from Wycliffe with an MDiv, which followed a BSc in Biochemistry / Chemistry from the Universtiy of Western Ontario . Most of his ministry time since graduation was spent working at St. Paul's Bloor Street in Toronto first as youth pastor, and then as pastor of discipleship.

    Tim's passion is walking with others the road of discipleship, pointing people toward the truths of the gospel which are transformative as the Spirit of God applies them to every aspect of our lives.

    t 416.367.0272 x 228
  • James Beck: Lay Pastoral Associate

    James Beck - webWhile I have always believed that a person's job is merely the arena in which one works out his or her calling, it is nice when the arena dovetails with the calling. My passion is pastoral care and counselling and I have almost always found opportunities to exercise that passion regardless of occupation. From the early 1980s I have had occasion to take positions of formal pastoral ministry in various communities. I fulfilled a similar role here at Little T between 2000 and 2002 and am humbled and honoured to be able to do so again.

    I have a Bachelor of Theology, an honours BA in History and Classics, and an MA from Wycliffe College in Church History and Theology. I have always pursued my studies with the underlying goal of helping me understand the human condition, how we relate to each other and how we relate to our God.

    In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife and our two children, cooking too much good food, and exploring the world around us.

    t 416.367.0272 x 225
  • Tyler Wigg-Stevenson: Associate Pastor

    Tyler Wigg-Stevenson - web Tyler Wigg-Stevenson serves as Associate Pastor at Little Trinity, with a special focus on the church's neighbourhood engagement. He brings a diverse background to his ministry here, having spent most of his adult career in faith-based advocacy for the abolition of nuclear weapons. He was also an ordained Baptist minister for eight years before becoming Anglican, and retains that tradition’s commitment to biblical preaching. Prior to arriving at Little Trinity, Tyler served as an Associate Pastor at St. George the Martyr, and did liturgical placements at St. Bart’s (Regent Park) and St. Mary Magdalene’s.

    Tyler holds a BA from Swarthmore College (Religious Studies/English), a MDiv from Yale Divinity School, and is a doctoral student in interdisciplinary theology at the University of Toronto, writing on secularity. He has written extensively in popular media about issues of faith and culture and is the author of three books: Brand Jesus: Christianity in a Consumerist Age (2007), The World Is Not Ours To Save (2013), and Fighting for Peace: Your Role in a Culture of Violence (2014, with Carol Howard Merritt).

    Tyler has been married since 2005 to Natalie, a theologian teaching at the University of Toronto, and they have two young daughters, Georgia and Heloise.

    t 416.367.0272 x 223
  • Lyn Youll Marshall: Honorary Assistant

    Lyn Youll Marshall - webLyn grew up in England and has a BA from De Montfort University where she studied art and design. Lyn worked in the clothing design industry in England and Canada for twenty years until she began to sense a call into ordained ministry.

    Lyn studied at Wycliffe and was ordained in the Anglican Church of Canada in 2001. She served as a curate at St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux in Scarborough, and then as rector at St. David’s, Lawrence Ave. In 2005 she returned to Little Trinity as Associate Priest until her marriage to Paul Marshall who holds The Jerry and Susie Wilson Chair in Religious Freedom at Baylor University. Lyn served as a priest in the Episcopal Church before returning to Canada.

    Lyn was a ‘late bloomer’ in her Christian faith and knows the transformation that faith in Jesus Christ can make. She delights to share that faith with others. Lyn loves to accompany her husband on some of his many work related travels, and to spend time with her granddaughter and family in Toronto.

    t 416.367.0272 x 242
  • Tiffany Robinson: Children's Ministry

    Tiffany Robinson - web Tiffany Robinson’s passion for Children’s Ministry grew from the conviction that there is a vibrant connection between the good news of God at work in the world and the particular ways that children learn and grow. Before coming to Little T, she worked for 8 years as a lay leader in Children’s Ministry at Emmanuel Anglican Church in Richmond Hill. She loves to teach and write about Children’s Ministry as well as lead others into discovering the joys of ministering to children.

    She earned a Masters in Christian Studies from Regent College Vancouver and a Masters in Christian Doctrine from University of Cambridge and is in the process of finishing her doctoral studies at Wycliffe College, Toronto. She is married to Peter and they have three children, Ben, Sofia and Anna.

    When she gets a chance she loves to find time to kayak, go for a run or curl up with a good book.

    t 416.367.0272 x 226
  • Morgan Tyler-Chu: Youth Ministry

    Biography to come

    t 416.367.0272 x 222

Support Ministries

Sean Frankling
    Summer Parish Administrator

Jodi Janzen
    Music Coordinator

Kelly McDonough

John Nicholson
    Operations Manager

  • Sean Frankling, Summer Parish Administrator

    Sean Frankling - web Sean has been a member of Little Trinity's congregation since before he was capable of conscious thought. Now, he's proud to serve that same congregation everyday as the face that greets newcomers and parishioners alike when they visit the church office.

    t 416.367.0272 x 224
  • Jodi Janzen, Music Coordinator

    Jodi Janzen Jodi began attending Little T in 2004 after moving to Toronto from the Manitoba prairies. Along with her husband Mike, Jodi has enjoyed being actively involved in the musical worship at Little T. After years of teaching in the elementary classroom setting, she is thrilled to now be home with her preschool daughter while spending time each week scheduling and facilitating the music ministry at Little T. Jodi loves to uncover hidden musical talent within the congregation and connect budding musicians with opportunities to grow and share their musical gifts.

  • Kelly McDonough, Facilities

    Kelly McDonough - web Originally born on Manitoulin Island Reserve, Kelly moved south to Lake Simcoe , but returned to work on her grandparents Island farm every summer until the age of 20. Kelly and her daughter Holly joined Little T 3 years ago and as a newcomer to the city felt she finally had found a place that felt like home! Participating in many of the groups and delving into the gardening at Little T helped Kelly grow the relationships that she dearly loves to this day. Kelly was a 2013 Volunteer of The Year for the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation and continues to lend support to this cause and others having been a survivor of cancer twice in her life. Giving back and paying forward are the motto that Kelly continues to live by for both human and animal welfare. In her role as Caretaker, Kelly is looking forward to enhancing all of the spaces at Little T both inside and out with extra attention to detail and enhancing the beauty that is already present. As a newcomer herself, Kelly has a passion to make new parishioners feel welcome and excited about their experience and the existing parishioners cherished for all they have done and given to the church and the community.

    t 416.367.0272 x 240
  • John Nicholson, Operations Manager

    John Nicholson - web John came to Toronto from New Brunswick in 1979 to study electronic engineering at Devry Institute of Technology. He worked as a contract technician, a seafood salesman, a commercial janitorial supervisor, and site manager for an American sanitation company. While working as the administrator for the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Toronto Downtown, John was asked to come and help out in the office of Little Trinity in February, 2001 and joined the staff as administrative assistant a short time later. From his varied work experience and an added George Brown accounting course in 2003, John brings a unique mix of gifts to Little Trinity. He is responsible to administrate the church’s finances and is involved with the property and finance committees. Passionate to see people encounter Christ’s love and presence, his pastoral heart for visitors coming to the office seeking a listening ear became a recognized and welcomed role. John looks forward to travelling to Trenton, ON where he visits with his daughter, son in law and two grandsons.

    t 416.367.0272 x 221


Louise Sinclair
    People's Warden

Dave Hutchinson
    Rector's Warden

Matthew McCormick
    Deputy People's Warden

Alex Newman
    Deputy Rector's Warden

  • Louise Sinclair: People’s Warden

    Louise Sinclair - square - web

    Bio coming soon!
  • Dave Hutchinson: Rector’s Warden

    Dave Hutchinson - webDave and Denise have been married for almost 10 years and have two boys. They have been attending Little T since February 2015 and live and work in a community close to the Church and where Denise is a teacher. Dave’s work in executive recruitment is focused on Christian ministries and charities and he currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Prayer Breakfast, Christie Gardens, and Prison Fellowship Canada. At Little T, Dave serves on the worship team.

  • Matthew McCormick: Deputy People’s Warden

    Matthew McCormick - square - web Bio Coming Soon!

  • Alex Newman: Deputy Rector’s Warden

    Alex Newman Since 1992, Alex has been part of the Little T community, which has, along with Pioneer Camp, provided invaluable spiritual nourishment to her two children Aidan, 20, and Anna, 13. Having the usual 21st century demands of kids, pets and full time freelance writing work (though she lets the housework slide – preferring instead to take on tasks I love, like teaching Sunday School, volunteering with library, and organizing Alpha meals.)

    Little Trinity has a history of building strong families and supporting missions both here and abroad. Her aim as elder is to facilitate those qualities, in the tradition of Jesus' directive to "go and teach the nations."