Neighbourhood Connection
The area of Corktown in the city of Toronto is one of the oldest neighbourhoods, and word on the street is that it is on the cusp of tremendous growth and renewal. We have already seen some of the renewal: the refurbishing of the area around the Don River and the Portlands; the new Corktown Common park; and the increasing popularity of the Distillery District, a go-to travel hot spot in Toronto; the ever increasing opportunities to participate in cultural, music and art activities; and the hub for the Pan Am Games in 2015 is right in our backyard.

Our skyline is littered with cranes and buildings under construction, so there is much more to come. There are many more people to move into the neighbourhood and many more new friends to make. What does this mean for the mission and ministry of Little T? Everything. It means that the face of the neighbourhood is changing, and Little T is located at the centre of the neighbourhood.

This requires some thought as to how we meet our neighbours. coffee outreach

How can we serve? What are our neighbours’ needs? How do we go about even meeting them in the first place? How can we support our local businesses and their staff?

Our first step is prayer. Teams of 2 will be walking the streets praying – praying for God’s presence, God’s blessing upon all those who work and live on these streets, and praying for God to open our hearts and our eyes to where he is leading us. What is God already doing and calling us to be a part of to meet our neighbours?

These are exciting times and God is in the midst of all the changes. God is a God of growth, renewal and transformation, and we trust the leading of the Spirit to guide our answers to these questions as well as others that will arise as we travel these roads together.

The Coffee Time Outreach team offers coffee, muffins, oranges, juice and conversation (to our neighbourhood) twice a month on alternative Saturday mornings. In fair weather, refreshments are served outside on the front steps of the church or sidewalk. In inclement weather, it’s moved just inside the front door, while cheerful, hearty team members stand on the sidewalk and encourage passersby to come in.

Men’s Dinner
Almost every month the guys of the church get together in the basement to grab a drink, eat a burger and talk about life and its issues. Third Thursday: 5:30-7:30 PM.