Justice Working Group


Over the past year, the Justice Working Group has been instrumental in establishing a job description for the Justice Animator; helping with hiring, and once hired, supporting Karen in her work. That group continues to be instrumental leading in this process of discernment.

Meet the members:

Graham & Nathalie Chernoff – Graham and Nathalie Chernoff are passionate about seeking justice for the marginalized as a way of following Jesus. This has played a more dominant role in living out their faith since 2020. They are excited to participate in a renewal of gospel justice at Little T.

Caleb Edwards – Caleb and his wife Sarah (and two kids) have been attending Little T for almost a decade.  His interest in the justice group stems from a conviction that if the church is to have any witness to our friends and neighbours, we are going to need to be beside them in the struggles they find themselves in.

Mary Henkelman – Mary Henkelman is a longtime member of Little Trinity (50+ years) who became interested in social justice issues through serving as a volunteer ESL teacher with a women’s group at Yonge Street Mission. This led to her moving into Regent Park in 2012 where she has been active in the neighbourhood’s many meetings and come to know the needs of her social housing neighbours.

Jennifer Martin (new) – Since 1986, Jennifer’s family has been blessed with great teaching at Little Trinity.   Her taste of working in a service role came when she was asked to create some sort of Parenting class for the street youth at Evergreen, YSM’s Centre for Youth.  Nine years of coming alongside street youth was scary, humbling and inspiring.  Now it’s time to step out again!

Keith Martin (new) – Keith is a grateful husband, father, grandfather (to nine…soon to be 10), friend, investor, seeker,  lover of music, and lover of Jesus.

Joanne Millard – Joanne has been attending Little Trinity since being married here, by Duke Vipperman, in 1996. Since retiring from a career in teaching English (primarily for immigrant and Refugee resettlement), she has devoted time and attention to learning about Indigenous history and current affairs, and to researching, writing and presenting on various aspects of Little Trinity’s and Toronto’s history.

Sangita Patel – Sangita Patel has been attending Little T for over 15 years with her husband Al and two kids.  Her passion is in seeing acts justice extended to children in our communities and around the world. 

James Rhee – James has been an active Little T community member since 1996. He has been involved in compassionate ministries at Little T and outside of it, locally and abroad. He is deeply moved and excited about where God is leading us.

Mary Kate Looby – Mary Kate works as a therapist and a university lecturer of Psychology. She is thankful for both jobs because they enable her to cultivate curiosity and grow in empathy.

Matthias Schilke – Matthias is doing his master’s degree in clinical counselling at Tyndale University and is working as an Intern Therapist. This training fosters his passion for people to be understood and valued.