Spiritual Resources


Every family has habits and routines that mark day-to-day life. Habits play a significant part of our spiritual formation and that of our families. The book Habits of the Household, by Justin Whitney Earley, describes how we can rethink our habits around things like mealtimes, discipline, screen time, marriage, bedtime, and even waking. Instead of merely routines, the author invites us to see them as opportunities to live out the love of God. The book contains many practical yet profound suggestions and insights. The author writes in a gracious tone, as someone who is in the midst of parenting himself, emphasizing that our habits don’t change God’s love for us, but that God’s love for us should change our habits. 

You can find this book as an eBook at the Toronto Public Library, or available for purchase in paper or digital versions. There is also a study guide with streaming video sessions, and you can see the first one for free here.


To help you press in to traditional Lenten disciplines of self-examination, penitence, prayer, fasting, almsgiving and by reading and meditating on the word of God, we’ve developed this resource (compiled by K. Koiter) for you to use each week through Lent in 2024.

Hard copies are available at the back of the church or click HERE to download the pdf.


Consider joining others in our congregation who are reading through the Bible using 2 different plans. Click HERE to find out more.