Bible in a Year Challenge


Hello Church!

We hope and pray that you will join us in a spiritual journey as we journey together into reading the Bible in one year! People of all ages are getting involved at Little T.

In hopes of signing up as many parishioners as possible, we are offering two reading plan options and have just started on January 1, 2024! But it’s not too late! Get started now…

The 2 plans you can choose from are:

1. Bible in One Year led by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel, which follows a traditional format.


2. The Bible Recap led by Tera Lee Cobble, which will guide us through the Bible in a chronological order. Find it here:


This is a wonderful opportunity for us to deepen our understanding of the scriptures and strengthen our bond as a community. We will be checking in every so often and will organize get-togethers once a quarter to check in and support each other throughout this journey.

Email us to sign up or if you have questions at:

14 Apr 10:45 am

Bible in a Year Potluck Get-Togethers

Sun, Apr 14, After each Service – Are you reading through the Bible in a Year?  Connect with others on the blue team or the red team!  Find out how others are doing and share what you’ve learned so far.  Haven’t signed up but want to find out about it?  Sign up below for one […]