Know Your Neighbourhood


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Know Your Neighbourhood workshops! We were delighted by the response, and encourage everyone who is interested to check out the video here of the workshop. As we enter the summer months, we’ll be taking time to explore our neighbourhood, make new connections, and begin seeing what possibilities there are for us as a church to contribute to our community in our own unique, Christ-centred way.

We are also still welcoming survey responses (link here), with thanks to everyone who has responded! So far we have heard that some of the things that most disturb us are systemic injustices, lack of affordable housing, food insecurity, lack of care for creation/the environment, and loneliness. These were the most named among many issues – but we’re still collecting responses, so make your voice heard!

Finally, we desire prayer to be a central part of this process, undergirding and enveloping all of our efforts. Please continue to pray for the Little T community, Yonge Street Mission, the Justice Working Group, and Karen Isaacs as we all work together to discern the way forward.