Photo Directory

Little T Photo Directory Live NOW!  We have been teasing you with the idea of a photo directory but I am so happy to announce that it is finally complete! The directory is available in three formats:
Option One, you can get the app on your phone (Simply go to your App Store and search ‘Instant church directory’ and download it) then follow the steps in the links below.
Option Two, you can use the desktop computer version by going to and again follow the login directions.
Option Three, Your third option is to get a PDF file of the directory printed, this will not be a living document and we will print once a year with the updated information and photos.

First time login:
Login: You must log in using the email that you gave to me! Once you have logged in please go to your name and picture and double check the information to make sure that everything is correct – should you notice a mistake please contact me to make that correction.

As a regular user of this app/desktop directory for the last few months I have to tell you it’s such a handy tool and I hope that you find it as useful as I do. It is a living document so as new people come they can be added to the directory and you will see them the next time you log in. The sites are very secure as the only way into the directory is through me (Laurie) or Gae (our Parish Admin).  If however you do find you have some issues please feel free to email me at  for help.

Thank you and enjoy connecting names and faces with our new updated directory!