Know Your Neighbourhood

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Know Your Neighbourhood workshops! We were delighted by the response, and encourage everyone who is interested to check out the video here of the workshop. As we enter the summer months, we’ll be taking time to explore our neighbourhood, make new connections, and begin seeing what possibilities there are for us as a church to contribute to our community in our own unique, Christ-centred way.


Justice Working Group

Over the past year, the Justice Working Group has been instrumental in establishing a job description for the Justice Animator; helping with hiring, and once hired, supporting Karen in her work. That group continues to be instrumental leading in this process of discernment.


Who Are We At Little T Survey?

As we discern together what “doing justice” can look like at Little T, we will be: studying/learning together about what it means to “do justice” from a biblical perspective; praying for God’s leading; and  engaging with our local church community to hear from them. 


Jesse Sudirgo

We were delighted to welcome Jesse Sudirgo as our guest preacher on May 7. Jesse has been partnering with Yonge Street Mission to assist Karen Isaacs and the Justice Working Group in their work of discerning Little Trinity’s call to justice ministry; as we seek to love God, grow together, and serve our world in the place God has planted us. Jesse explored the theology of kingdom justice with us, both in the sermon and in the Justice Workshops. Click here for the links to those workshops and videos.


Live Community by Mary Henkelman

Mary Henkelman is a Little Trinity member who moved into Regent Park eleven years ago as an intentional way of practicing kingdom-living in her neighbourhood. She has written lively, compelling short stories and essays exploring community-building in Regent Park, all which are available here. As a way of entering our Give6ix Lenten campaign and learning to love our neighbours in “the 6ix” better, how about committing to reading six of Mary’s stories before Easter? They are delightfully easy and fun to read, and informative as well!